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Shifting The Deeper Layers: Yoga Therapy & Somatic Experiencing

8 Wednesday, 2/27/19 – 4/10/19, 5 to 6:30


This 8 week yoga therapy group is designed for women who long to become more embodied. Each session will start with 30 minutes of Embodiment Yoga followed by 60 minutes of Somatic Experiencing group process. 

We will explore cultural, familial and ancestral conditioning in the breath body, physical body and energy body. Each participant will have an opportunity to do a piece of work on a pattern that no longer serves them.  

The process begins with an initial intake prior to 2/20. Each participant will meet with Alicia to explore needs, identify intention and forge a connection to ensure the deepest care. Ideal participants have a mindfulness/yoga practice. Wednesdays, 2/27 – 4/10, 5 to 6:30.

Cost: application begins with an initial one hour intake ($100) unless you are a current client. If the group is a good fit, the yoga therapy group is $520 ($65/session) for 8 90 minute sessions. A receipt can be provided for insurance for the intake and group sessions. Contact Alicia via email to initiate the application. [email protected]