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Breathwork for Practitioners

May 1, 2021  10AM-12:30 EST, on Zoom


This experiential workshop is designed to give clinicians various breaths that support down regulation, build sustainability and mobilize energy. We will explore the complexities of organizing the breath in trauma work and the power of using the breath to mitigate symptoms.

After an overview of the the Polyvagal Theory and the science of breathing, we will practice numerous breaths so you can embody them as your own.

  • Learn Coffee Breaths to mobilize and organize energy.
  • Explore Whiskey Breaths to support sleep, deep rest and perinatal bonding.
  • Practice Water Breaths to bring about equanimity and sustainability.
  • Understand when and how to use top down breath practices and bottom up breathing for trauma work.

This workshop is useful for any practitioner that works with humans.

Email with any questions.

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Workshops & Groups

Daily Breathwork Practice 2021

Join us to liberate our diaphragms from cultural and ancestral conditioning.

Breathing in community has a powerful personal, communal and global impact. One breath shifts our personal nervous system. Multiple synchronous breaths shift the collective nervous system and change the world. 💜

High school students breathe for free. BIPOC breathe for $25.

$75-100 sliding scale for everyone else. Scholarship spots available. $10 drop-in rate. Love to all.

We will breathe daily (except Sundays) on Zoom from 7:30-8 AM through the month. On Saturdays, we breathe from 8-8:30 AM and for those who would like, we meet to connect for 30 minutes after the practice.

The practice is guided though you are strongly encouraged to follow your own rhythm and honor your needs.

Email for more information.

Workshops & Groups


Shifting The Deeper Layers: Yoga Therapy & Somatic Experiencing

8 Wednesday, 2/27/19 – 4/10/19, 5 to 6:30


This 8 week yoga therapy group is designed for women who long to become more embodied. Each session will start with 30 minutes of Embodiment Yoga followed by 60 minutes of Somatic Experiencing group process.

We will explore cultural, familial and ancestral conditioning in the breath body, physical body and energy body. Each participant will have an opportunity to do a piece of work on a pattern that no longer serves them.

The process begins with an initial intake prior to 2/20. Each participant will meet with Alicia to explore needs, identify intention and forge a connection to ensure the deepest care. Ideal participants have a mindfulness/yoga practice. Wednesdays, 2/27 – 4/10, 5 to 6:30.

Cost: application begins with an initial one hour intake ($100) unless you are a current client. If the group is a good fit, the yoga therapy group is $520 ($65/session) for 8 90 minute sessions. A receipt can be provided for insurance for the intake and group sessions. Contact Alicia via email to initiate the application.


Embodiment Practice Group

Alicia Barmon and Pam McDonald are offering a virtual group to practice embodiment with a focus on moving out of winter into spring…This is a call to come together and learn to inhabit our bodies more deeply as we provide space to metabolize the winter and welcome spring. We gather together to process and integrate what worries us, holds us back and bring us into greater resilience and connection with one another.

Using embodiment practices, Alicia and Pam will be co-leading this virtual group series to allow a community of women to more deeply explore our emotions and triggers during these times of great unraveling and turning towards what is ready to emerge from our deeper embodiment. We will be creating a sacred space to hold our relationships, grief, hope, cultural conditioning, rage and joy.

Six sessions will be held on Zoom starting Wednesday, March 3 and continuing through April 7. We will gather virtually from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. each week.

If you sign up early, we are offering special pricing for the series!

Sign up now til February 15 and save $120 on the series. Early registration pricing is only $270 for the 6 weeks.

After February 15, the price for the series will increase to $390.

BIPOC rate is $75-$100 for the series.

We are limiting this group to 15 participants and ask that you commit to the full series for the greatest benefit for you and to maintain a safe container for all.

TO REGISTER: Please email Pam at

About Alicia: Alicia Barmon (she/her), LCPC, is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Yoga Therapist in Frederick, Md. She supports people on the journey of becoming more fully human and is committed to building community as revolutionary strategy to survive unstable times.

About Pam: Pam McDonald (she/her), LCSW-C, is an integrative psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Frederick, MD. She integrates her direct experience of embodied awakening through offering those who choose to work with her a healing pathway to greater wholeness and resilience in these uncertain times.

Through the pandemic, Pam and Alicia have learned to bring their deep commitment to sharing embodiment practices to virtual platforms. They are experienced in partnering together and sharing their gifts to create sacred and safe space on Zoom with compassion, reverence, and humor.