Warm hello! Change is afoot and I am in process with many ideas that I am sharing below. Thank you for your interest in my work. It is an honor to be in service to the bone-deep remembering that we are not alone on this incredibly hard and astoundingly beautiful experience of becoming more fully human. 

Kindly take a moment to see if any of my offerings resonate and be in touch. 


Daily Breathwork: I will continue teaching the Daily Breathwork after a month long sabbatical in August. I am going to shift the format to longer sadhanas (sacred practices). After two years of the daily practices exploring the breadth of the breath, we will go deeper with weeks dedicated to a theme emerging from the apprenticeship.  



Click here for the apprenticeship curriculum. 


Experiential Breathwork Apprenticeship: This iteration of the apprenticeship emerges out of the content of the previous apprenticeships but will be adorned with the space and time to really feel it. This apprenticeship is 11 months long so we can go extra slow and deepen the learning. People in the apprenticeship will attend the daily breathwork for experiential learning and then have additional meetings and materials, as well as access to recorded lectures and time for left brain discussions about the applications of the work personally and professionally. For more information, click here.


Breathwork Immersion Weekend Intensives: The previously shared Immersion is morphing into weekend intensives of healing work fusing Somatic Experiencing with PSI. I will be in touch soon with where I see that going. If you are interested and haven’t been in touch, please reach out so I can get you in the loop. For more information, click here.


Sangha Work: I will be offering 90 minute bimonthly sanghas to work on experiential relationship as it arises in the moment. The sanghas (sacred communities) will be the container for vulnerablity and authenticity. The invitation will be to interact from a place of radical self ownership and compassion. To use some of the language of Ken Wilber, these sanghas “are to help us wake up, grow up, open up, clear up, clean up and show up in our world with more of ourselves available to contribute to growing and sustaining our planet.” Details to come. 

In deep gratitude to Travis and Carrie for helping me translate my heart sharing into English and to Sara S. and Holly K. for encouraging me to be guided and for all the breathers who have shared their precious mornings with me over the years.

 With a humble bow and a tender heart,