Practice Breathwork™

Encounter. Move. Become.


Live Daily Breathwork Practice

7:30-8am, EST Monday-Friday
8-8:30am on Saturdays
On zoom with daily recordings available.


Let's Begin
Alicia BarmonI have been consciously practicing breathwork for 20 years in my personal practice and using it as a tool to support clients with symptom mitigation and overall health.

As a yoga therapist, Adjunct Faculty at MUIH in the Master's of Yoga Therapy program, psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner- I work with people as multidimensional beings to shift nervous system states and heal trauma. My work is informed by Buddhist philosophy, Hinduism and my relationship to the Earth. I am committed to regenerative practices, local community resiliency and loving ourselves and each other back to wholeness as an act of collective liberation. The daily breathwork practice centers around my commitment to community as a revolutionary strategy to survive unstable times.

A live, daily breathwork practice with sacred community:
  • Anchors the breath in the body, giving you a powerful resource to come back to throughout the day.
  • Increases intimacy with self and other.
  • Deepens a felt sense of interdependence.
  • Gives us a fast and powerful tool to shift nervous system states.
  • When the breath becomes an ally, our capacity grows.
  • When we practice the breath daily in sangha, we amplify our capacity exponentially.
  • After a month of daily breath practice you will have a toolbox of breaths to help you navigate life.
  • An anchoring ritual to move through the mundane.
  • Deeper intimacy with stillness and the relaxation response.
  • A community of people on the path to awakening.

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty of life right now, I have found such a grounding, calm and peace in my daily breathwork practice with Alicia and our breathwork sangha (community). It is much like the still points we have cultivated at the bottom and top of the breath.

Alicia guides this practice so masterfully, with compassion, permission, and such great care. Her playfulness throughout the practice is such a wonderful reminder to embrace that childlike wonder inside of me, that can get so lost in all the responsibilities and heaviness of being an adult human, navigating this complex world.

- Alison

Breathing within a community practice provides a sacred space for me to connect with myself, my community, and the world around with deep intention every day.

I arrive each morning just as I am, knowing I am unconditionally accepted and loved.

- Sarena

I have been taking Alicia’s breathwork class for about 2 months now. It feels like such a gift to give myself time every morning to connect with myself and my body.

I always feel better afterwards. Learning to work with the breath has been an amazing experience. It feels calming, energizing, enlivening, and just plain good.

- Jess

I am absolutely loving the practices and am so grateful to have found this body of work. Really appreciate your depth of knowledge and nurturing kindness. These practices feel very safe and sacred within the container.

I am noticing a shift in my ability to sit in quiet meditation afterwards as well. 

- Eleni